Digital Exams

Aptitude Tests

Digital aptitude tests are being included in more and more study and examination regulations. We are therefore currently testing options for offering aptitude tests as supervised digital exams as part of aptitude assessment procedures. In the summer semester of 2022 and the winter semester of 2022/23, different pilots will take place. Depending on experience with the various forms of implementation, we will subsequently provide recommendations for action for this particular form of examination.

Module Exams

The demand for digital examination formats for ECTS examinations increased by leaps and bounds during the Corona pandemic. But even after the return to face-to-face teaching, opportunities to conduct digital exams at TUM continue to be in demand. We are therefore currently developing a long-term portfolio of delivery options for digital exams both on campus and at home. If you have any questions about the framework conditions of the implementation options or are interested in piloting a new form of examination, please feel free to contact us.

Scan Exams

Scan exams are exams that are created and evaluated with an exam software. The exams themselves are written on paper as usual and then scanned. The scans are used as the basis for further processing, from semi-automatic evaluation (multiple-choice questions can be corrected automatically, free-text questions still have to be corrected manually) to exam viewing and storage.


Digital examinations in the Lecture Hall

We are working on concepts to be able to offer digital examinations in the lecture hall for large examination cohorts in the future. We are currently testing the feasibility of e-tests on the Moode examination platform in the lecture hall on your own device (BYOD - bring your own device). Depending on the experience with this form of examination in winter semester 22/23 with some pilot examinations, the examination format will then be included in our portfolio of offerings, if necessary.


Unsupervised Digital Exams

On the Moodle examination platform, it is still possible to conduct unsupervised examinations in the form of e-tests. The prerequisite for conducting this form of examination is the entry of an one-time exercise performance instead of a written exam in the module description of the course.


Supervised Digital Exams

Digital exams can be supervised synchronously via video (e.g. with Zoom) or asynchronously via automated supervision software. While the latter option is still in the project and piloting phase, we provide the infrastructure and execution capability for the former.