Teaching Consultation & Peer Observation

Teaching Consultation

You receive feedback on one of your courses.

In a teaching consultation, you invite an experienced expert in higher education pedagogy from the ProLehre team to attend one of your courses and provide feedback afterward:

  • Choose a suitable lecture and register it with us: Email us one to three possible dates on which we can visit you. Your department liaison will then arrange a suitable date with you.
  • You hold the course, we watch: We come to you on the agreed date and observe your course (usually we sit in the last row).  
  • After the course, we give you feedback: We reflect with you on the course, share our assessment of what went well, give you tips, and show you alternatives and fresh ideas.

A teaching consultation with 4 study units (AE) is a component of the Advanced Level Certificate.

Peer Observation

You give feedback on a colleague’s course.

During a peer observation (sometimes also called "peer coaching"), you attend the course of a colleague (with their consent) and give feedback.

  • Find a colleague who has the time and desire to receive feedback from you: You can visit colleagues from your department or someone you have met in a ProLehre course. You can attend a lecture, exercise, seminar, or similar course. Your colleague does not enter into any obligations. They only have to have time and desire to listen to your feedback.
  • Give your colleague feedback on their course: Refer to areas of teaching and learning—for example, content, flow and structure, choice of media, visualization, interaction with students, body language, voice and language, learning atmosphere, etc.
  • Document the peer observation: Fill out our guide or write a short report (1–2 pages) describing the event, its sequence, and your feedback, and send the guide or report to ProLehre and the participating instructor.

A total of 4 hours of peer observation is a component of the Advanced Level Certificate.

Detailed instructions and guidelines for the peer evaluation can be found here (only in German). There is a separate guide (only in German) for student tutors.