Advanced Level Certificate

ProLehre issues the following two forms of the advanced level certificate. Click here for more details about these two variations. 

Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education

After achieving the basic level certificate, comprising 60 study units (AE), you can earn the advanced level certificate by completing 60 AE in the following topic areas. The minimum AE for each category is out of the 120 total AE.

  • A: Theories of Teaching & Learning (min. 25 AE)
  • B: Presentation & Communication (min. 25 AE)
  • C: Assessment (min. 10 AE)
  • D: Reflection and Evaluation (min. 25 AE from Sept. 2021 onwards, before 10 AE)
  • E: Advising & Counseling (min. 10 AE)

In addition to the 120 AE, you must participate in one teaching observation & consultation and one peer observation.

Certificate in Medical Education

The basic level certificate is a pre-requisite for the advanced level Certificate in Medical Education (though your basic level need not be in Medical Education). The same conditions apply as for the general Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education. Furthermore, at least half of the total 120 study units must be related to medical education.