Our Higher Education Teaching Program is designed to strengthen your teaching competence. Moreover, it allows you to document your commitment to teaching and expand your career opportunities. In some hiring procedures for aspiring professors, it is already mandatory to demonstrate proof of continuing education.

ProLehre issues two forms of the Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education of the Bavarian Universities:

  1. the general Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education (corresponding to the specifications of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hochschuldidaktik and in agreement with all Bavarian Universities)
  2. the subject-specific Certificate in Medical Education (corresponding to the specifications of the Network of Competence in Medical Education Bavaria)

Both certificates exist on the foundation level (60 study units), advanced level (120 study units) and specialization level (200 study units).

Both certificates are awarded by the universities of Bavaria. At TUM, we grant these certificates to those who fulfil the requirements and are teaching at TUM. This also holds for adjunct instructors at TUM and physicians at the affiliated university teaching hospitals.

We do not grant certificates to teachers from other universities. Please contact the higher higher education pedagogy department at your institution for further information.

We issue the certificates free of charge, but there are fees for attending the courses. In general, the price for a one-day course is €40 (as of May 2018; please refer to our price list for up-to-date information). Accordingly, the whole certificate costs

  • €300 (approx. 7.5 days) at the foundation level,
  • €600 (approx. 15 days) at the advanced level, and
  • €680 (approx. 17 days) at the specialization level.

If you attend our biennial intensive courses, the certificate will cost about €800 (including your stay at a seminar hotel but excluding travel expenses).

Foundation & Advanced Levels
For the certificate at the foundation and advanced levels, simply attend the foundation course that leads to the certificate. You are welcome to seek guidance from your department liaison!

Specialization Level
For the specialization level certificate, you must register with your department liaison before the start of the teaching project (at the latest). We recommend that you register in the final phase of the advanced level if you are interested in receiving this certificate.

Continuing education courses taken outside of the certificate program can be recognized following the specifications of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hochschuldidaktik:

  • The courses (or other achievements) must have been completed within the last six years and demonstrate a clear focus on pedagogy.
  • The course details must be documented, including the time investment, contents or learning outcomes, and the name of the institution and trainer.
  • Courses that have already been used to obtain an academic degree or other certificate cannot be recognized.

Your department liaison will gladly help you figure out which external courses can be recognized and to what extent.

Once you have completed all requirements, please complete this application form (from Oct. 21) and send it – along with copies of your certificate of attendance from each course – by in-house mail or email to your contact for certificates. We will then contact you when the certificate is ready to pick up.