Specialization Level Certificate

ProLehre issues the following two forms of the specialization level certificate. Click here for more details about these two variations. 

Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education

After achieving the advanced level certificate—comprising 120 study units (AE)—you can earn the specialization level certificate by completing a further 80 AE for a total of 200 AE. The mandatory components are to

  • write a teaching portfolio (~25 AE),
  • carry out a teaching project (~15–35 AE), and
  • conduct a peer consultation.

If you are still short of the 200 AE, you can obtain the missing units by visiting further courses. To work toward this certificate, please contact your department liaison in advance.


Certificate in Medical Education

The procedure for obtaining this certificate is still a work in progress, but the requirements will be similar to those of the general Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education. The lecturer has to demonstrate that half of the obtained study units are related to medical education.