Courses & Certification in Higher Education Pedagogy & Media Literacy

Our Competency Model for Higher Education helps you evaluate your teaching ability and to think about ways to further and deepen your knowledge and skills. You can document your progress bolster your career outlook by keeping a teaching portfolio and acquiring a certificate. If you are interested, we recommend you contact your department liaison, who will gladly advise you concerning our various programs and services. If you have wishes or ideas for specific courses or online-seminars, please contact out Higher Education Teaching team.

Informationen for registration

Registration for our new program will be possible from March 15. 09:00 AM. Until then, the video can help you find your continuing education path within the different certification levels.

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Basic Level Courses

These courses provide the essential tools for good teaching. You will understand the mechanisms of teaching and learning, discover the factors that make university teaching successful, and learn to apply these to your specific teaching contexts. You will develop your presentation skills and learn how to guide your students’ learning through thoughtfully constructed evaluations. You will get to know a range of possible roles you might adopt as a teacher in addition to techniques to motivate and support your students’ learning outside the classroom.

The basic level certificate is granted upon completion of the foundation course.

Foundation courses in 2023 - 2024







Area Topic


Waiting list

Seminarhaus Barer Straße and online


Foundations Course 



26.02.2024 Waiting list Seminarhaus Barer Straße and online R230 Foundations of Teaching 60 A-E
16.09.2024   Seminarhaus Barer Straße S420 Foundations of Teaching 60 A-E
23.09.2024   Seminarhaus Barer Straße und online S430 Foundations of Teaching 60 A-E


Advanced Level Courses

The advanced level lets you deepen the knowledge and skills gained in the basic level. Here you will find a wide variety of more specific courses.

We recommend completing the basic level before taking advanced level courses, but this is not (yet) a requirement. You can earn the advanced level certificate by attending a total of 120 units (45 minutes each), including the units earned at the basic level.

Informationen concerning the start date

Please note: the indicated start date marks the beginning of the course, which can be synchronous (with a joint meeting in presence or online) or asynchronous (with an individual work phase). For detailed information about the course dates and the respective delivery mode, please refer to the linked course descriptions.


Advanced level courses summer term 2024

Start date

The other dates

can be found in the course description



Place Number Title Working units Area
Please note the following important information on cancellation conditions: up to 15 days before the start of the course you can cancel your participation free of charge, up to 8 days before the start of the course 50% of the course fee will be charged, from 7 days before the start of the course 100% of the course fee will be charged as a cancellation fee. You can also find details in our general terms and conditions (AGB).
15.04.2024 EN online S010 Supervising Students Theses 12 E
16.04.2024 EN Barer Straße 21 S020 Choosing and using media in class 4 A
18.04.2024 EN Barer Straße 21 und online S030 ChatGPT 101 8 A
18.04.2024 EN online S040 Integrating Sustainable Development Goals into Teaching Practices (S040) 2 D
19.04.2024 EN/DE online S050 Transfer Werkstatt: Choosing and using media in class 1 A
23.04.2024 EN Barer Straße 21 and online S060 What do I do when I feel stressed about literally everything 12 D
02.05.2024 EN online


Transfer Werkstatt: Supervising Students Theses 1 E
14.05.2024 EN Barer Straße 21 S120 Professional Tools for Conversations and Chairing Discussions 12 B
16.05.2024 EN online S140 Beyond the Textbook - Competencies for Sustainable Development Goals  2 D
17.05.2024 EN/DE online S150

Transfer Werkstatt: Professional Tools for Conversations and Chairing Discussions

1 B
20.05.2024 EN/DE online S160

Transfer Werkstatt: Aktivierende Methoden und Gruppenarbeit gezielt einsetzen

1 A
23.05.2024 EN Barer Straße 21 S170 Gamification in Teaching 7 A
03.06.2024 EN Barer Straße 21 S190 Students in Crises (S.I.C.) 14 E
04.06.2024 EN online S200 Creating exams focused on competencies 10 C
07.06.2024 EN online S230 Using humour in the classroom 8 B
11.06.2024 EN Barer Straße 21 S250 The first lecture - Contact, Orientation, Rapport 4 A
13.06.2024 EN online S260 Transformative Teaching - Embracing Sustainable Development Goals in Education 2 D
14.06.2025 EN/DE Online S270

Transfer Werkstatt: The first lecture - Contact, Orientation, Rapport

1 A
01.07.2024 EN online S290 How to foster critical thinking in the classroom 8 D
04.07.2024 EN Barer Straße 21 S300 The power of questioning - a guide how to ask  8 E
11.07.2024 EN online S320 The campus as a place of Learning - On-Site Approaches to Teaching Sustainable Development Goals 2 D
12.07.2024 EN/DE online S340

Transfer Werkstatt: Innovationen in der Hochschullehre

1 A
15.07.2024 EN/DE online S360

Transfer Werkstatt: How to foster critical thinking in the classroom

1 D
18.07.2024 EN/DE online S370

Transfer Werkstatt: Diversität in der Lehre verwirklichen

1 D