Unsupervised digital exams


An unsupervised digital written exam can be taken on the Moodle exam platform as an e-test. Due to the unsupervised exam format, these exams should always be designed as open-book exams. In order to be able to conduct unsupervised forms of examinations in your course, it is necessary to specify the one-time exercise performance (as opposed to the written (supervised) exam) in the module description of the course.


Moodle E-Test

A basic feature of Moodle is the "Test" activity. With this activity it is possible to create tests with different question types directly in Moodle and to configure them in such a way that they can only be called up exactly at the start of the exam (e.g. 9:00 am) and can only be worked on during a certain time window (e.g. for 90 minutes). A start delayed by a few minutes or an earlier submission is possible. Students answer the questions directly in Moodle.

Since there are various legal and organizational framework conditions to be observed, we provide this form of examination within the framework of a standardized Moodle template, which contains further information for students and lecturers in addition to the "test" activity. Therefore, if you would like to conduct a Moodle e-test as an exam, please apply for your exam course via the application form for new courses in Moodle.