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Welcome to ProLehre,
the department for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at the Technische Universität München. We focus on supporting faculty with respect to their teaching. We provide a variety of offers for lecturers to further enhance their teaching skills, such as workshops, teaching consultations or general advice.

Counseling and Support for Academic Teachers
As internationalisation constitutes one part of the TUM’s mission statement, ProLehre seeks to meet the needs of all the teaching staff, whether German or international. Therefore, members of the international teaching staff are welcome to contact us any time, e.g. for general advice or if they would like one of our team to visit them in their lecture or seminar. Please find here a list of ProLehre contact persons assigned to the different faculties.

Workshops on Higher Education
We offer a lot of courses to help staff to improve their teaching skills; unfortunately, only some of them are in English (and some of those aren't intended primarily for English native speakers). In the summer term 2019 we offer the following English workshops:

22.-26.07.2019 Teaching Skills (5 days)

Basic level workshops:
04.06.2019Concepts of Teaching and Learning Module 1 (1 day/ only for assistant professors or newly apointed professors at TUM)
27./28.06.2019Foundations of Good Teaching (2 days)
22. - 26.07.2019Teaching Skills (5 days)
Advanced level workshops:
30.04.2019Supporting Student Writing in English (0.5 days)
Offers for Professors:
Seminars and Workshops for Professors
Forum on Professional Teaching for Professors in Garching and Munich

Certificate of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

If you stay at TUM for two academic years or longer, you have the opportunity to obtain the Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education of the Bavarian Universities (ProfiLehre Zertifikat Hochschullehre der Bayerischen Universitäten) introductory, advanced, or specialisation level.
In order to obtain the basic-level certificate you have to complete 60 working units (one unit equals 45 min.) attending basic courses in 5 different topics, with at least:

  • 8 working units in A: Teaching and Learning Concepts. Theory, methods, and materials
  • 8 working units in B: Presentation and Communication. Skills for effective public speaking
  • 8 working units in C: Examination. Assessing student performance
  • 8 working units in D: Reflection and Evaluation. Teaching roles, reflecting and assessing teaching practice
  • 8 working units in E: Advising and Mentoring. Problem solving, referral, and conflict management skills
  • possibly another 4 working units: Teaching consultation

To obtain the advanced-level or specialisation-level certificate you have to complete 120 or 200 working units; as of now it is not possible to obtain this certificate only by visiting english courses.If you are interested in obtaining one of the certificates, please contact Ellen Taraba in order to give us the opportunity to organize workshops in English in appropriate time and in sufficient quantity. On this page you will find an updated list of courses in English we offer for the current semester.

For information not directly concerning teaching and learning please contact the International Office.