Lecture Recordings

We offer three different ways to have your lectures recorded. If you wish, you can restrict access to specific user groups defined by our identity-management system. This way you can ensure that only participants in your lectures have access to the recordings.

Option 1: Full-Service Recordings in Lecture-Recording Halls

In the following rooms, we can offer a cost-free and highly automated recording of your lecture:

Munich City Campus:

  • Audimax (room code 0509.EG.980)
  • Lecture hall N1190 (room code 0101.02.190)


  • Lecture hall PH HS-1 (room code 5101.EG.501)
  • Lecture hall PH HS-2 (room code 5101.EG.502)
  • Lecture hall MI HS-1 (room code 5602.EG.001)
  • Lecture hall MW 0001 (room code 5510.EG.001)
  • Lecture hall MW 2001 (room code 5510.02.001)
  • Lecture hall HS-1 in the old temporary building (Interimsgebäude) (room code 5620.01.101)
  • Lecture hall HS-1 in the new temporary building (Interimsgebäude) (room code 5416.01.004)
  • Lecture hall HS-2 in the new temporary building (Interimsgebäude) (room code 5416.01.003)

University Hospital rechts der Isar:

  • Lecture hall A (room code 1551.EG.053)
  • Lecture hall B (room code 1551.EG.052)

Option 2: Full-Service Recordings with Lecturio

If your lecture takes place in a room not on the list above, you can request a mobile recording. In this case, Lecturio staff will attend your lecture and record it. This service is fee based (please find the exact costs in our Wiki).

Option 3: Self-Service Recordings

If you want to record on your own, we are happy to advise you on hardware and software options. This service is free of charge.


For online registration and further information, lease visit our Wiki page