Foundation Level Certificate

ProLehre issues the following two forms of the foundation level certificate. Click here for more details about these two variations. 

Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education

You can acquire the foundation level certificate by earning 60 study units and attending at least one foundation level courses in each of the five topic areas:

  • A: Theories of Teaching & Learning
  • B: Presentation & Communication
  • C: Assessment
  • D: Reflection and Evaluation 
  • E: Advising & Counseling

You can choose the order of the courses, though we recommend starting with A or D.

Through visiting basic level courses, you should typically accumulate 60 study units. If this is not the case, please contact your department liaison.

Certificate in Medical Education

This certificate can be obtained by attending training for lecturers at the TUM School of Medicine. The program consists of a one-week basic course on the Fraueninsel of Lake Chiemsee, a written teaching reflection, a teaching observation, a peer observation, and an elective course of at least 8 study units.

  • Module B: One week basic course (“Dozententraining”) on the Fraueninsel
  • Modules S and H: a professional supervision by an expert and a peer observation
  • Modules L and R: a teaching plan submitted before the teaching observation and a reflection report submitted after
  • Module V: one or more workshops amounting to 8 study units in total

To take part in this certificate program, please contact your department liaison in advance. Further information can be found on the webpage of the TUM School of Medicine.