Dr. Emil Ratko-Dehnert


Telefon: 089-289-25403
Mail: emil.ratko-dehnert@prolehre.tum.de
Büro: Augustenstraße 44, 4.Stock, Raum 407
Post: Arcisstraße 21, 80333 München

“We must learn a lot to be able to enquire about the things we do yet not know."

(Jean-Jacques Rousseau)


Short Bio

Emil Ratko-Dehnert first taught and researched at the Department of Psychology (LMU) and the Munich Center for the Learning Sciences (LMU) for several years after completing his studies in mathematics and his doctorate in psychology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. He then worked as a sales engineer for a vibroacoustic measurement company in 2014 and 2016 before joining ProLehre as a research associate in 2016. 

Here, he designs and conducts courses and workshops in all areas and develops explainer videos on various topics related to teaching and learning at a university. He is the department liason for Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science and designs tailor-made didactic offers for them.

Additional qualifications:

  • Gestalt-Therapist (in training) at Eichgrund Institut
  • Systemic & Resilience Coaching (2020)
  • Conducter of Hero's Journeys® (Gestalt-therapeutic intensive seminars after Paul Rebillot) (since 2018) 


  • Provide advanced training for lecturers through workshops and online-seminars as well as individual advising and teaching observations
  • Advise lecturers in developing and implementing teaching strategies and courses
  • Promote a culture of excellent teaching in all TUM departments; determine field-specific needs of lecturers; design and implement courses in higher education pedagogy
  • Head of the Instructional Design Initiative 


  • Foundation Course in Higher Education Pedagogy (Bavaria)
  • Forum for professional teaching
  • My roles as a lecturer
  • Coping with challenging participants
  • Conducting difficult conversations with the help of Nonviolent Communication
  • Mindfulness practices for teachers and teaching 
  • Lectures + Workshops at the Doctoral Students' Round Table in Garching
  • Optimizing Your Assessments (a semester-long foundation course)
  • Mathematics Compact (a semester-long foundation course)
  • Conducting Effective Consultations
  • Supervising Student Theses
  • Teaching Mondays (Lunch&Learn at the Physics Department)
  • Presentation workshops for the iGEM Project (2018, 2019)
  • How Does Learning Work?
  • Mastering Your Final Thesis
  • Wake Up! How to Activate Students in Exercises and Tutorials
  • Data-driven Exam Optimization

Publications (Selected)

  • E. Ratko-Dehnert: Lehren, Lernen, Pandemie - und wo bleibe ich?. Keynote am Tag der Lehre 2020 an der Hochschule Rhein Main, Dezember 2020.
  • R. Aichner and E. Ratko-Dehnert: Adaption der Lernergebnistaxonomie für die Mathematik.  Beitrag zur Diskurswerkstatt: Viele Wege führen nach Rom - Wissenskonstruktion ermöglichen - auf der 47. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Hochschuldidaktik im März 2018 in Karlsruhe.
  • M. Fischer, E. Ratko-Dehnert: Der Nexus Forschung/Lehre aus Lehrendensicht. Workshop auf dem Tag der Lehre der Fachhochschule Oberösterreich im Mai 2017.