hyScout Academy

About the Academy

Hybrid learning offers a flexible learning arrangement, in which students can choose to attend a lecture either online or in person – and have the same learning experience. Instructors of this challenging, albeit rewarding, teaching format interact with both groups of students simultaneously. We at ProLehre would like to support your hybrid teaching.

If you would like to hold a hybrid course, we strongly recommend that you employ a teaching assistant. This tutor can attend our free training program on hybrid didactics and on how to use our recommended hardware (e.g., microphones, cameras, etc.) to be used in hybrid situations. This hyScout will learn the best set up for your specific needs, as well as how best to monitor hybrid lessons (e.g., alerting instructors to questions in an online chat, etc.).

Some instructors may want to hold only one or two hybrid lessons during the semester, and thus won't employ a regular hyScout. In this case, we will continue to offer hyScout and equipment support for individual hybrid lessons. Just reach out to us directly with the date, time, and location of your hybrid event.

Content and Teaching Methods

In addition to basic didactics and hybrid technology, training for hyScouts to support instructors will optionally cover the following topics:

  • Moodle course design
  • Using educational media, including instructional videos
  • Communication in courses
  • Grading and feedback

The hyScout Academy has two in-person training sessions in our offices in Barer Straße 21 in the weeks before the start of each lecture period. For the summer semester 2023, the training takes place on Monday, the 3rd and Thursday, the 6th of April from 9:00 until 12:00.

How to Join

Congratulations to the recipients of the ProLehre Hybrid Teaching Grant! 

Tutor training is always free! To enroll in the hyScout Academy, please send a message to escouts[at]prolehre.tum.de.