eScout Academy


Registration for the winter semester 2023/24 eScout Academy is available via self-enrollment or TUMonline

Content and Teaching Methods

The eScout Academy is a fully online, self-paced moodle course. By the end of the course, students will be able to support professors and lecturers in creating and running in-person, online, or hybrid lectures, tutorials, and seminars. No grade or ECTS units are given for this course, but if all 30 work units (1 work unit corresponds to 45 minutes of effort) are completed, students will receive a certificate of participation from ProLehre | Medien und Didaktik.


  • Your Role as a Tutor
  • Teaching & Learning Theory 
  • Digital Media and Moodle
  • Designing a Tutorial

eScout EduPulse Exchange

Discover cutting-edge approaches and techniques to enhance your tutoring prowess in the ever-evolving educational landscape. These optional networking events will be held about four times per semester (online, in-person, or hybrid) and will be announced at least one week in advance through the moodle course. Topics range from "H5P Masterclass" to "ChatGPT in Teaching & Learning" to "Fostering a Growth Mindset".

About the Academy

The eScout Academy is a program designed to train student assistants to support instructors, with an emphasis on the preparation and implementation of online teaching.

Originally conceived as an sub-project to the Instructional Design Initiative, in the summer semester of 2020, the eScout Academy was opened to all students, secretaries, and administrative staff who wanted to help teachers with the short-term conversion of face-to-face teaching to online teaching. In total, more than 500 people have already participated in this online program, making an important contribution to the successful digital transformation of teaching at TUM. 

In the WiSe 2023/24, we will focus on training student teaching assistants (tutors) in didactics and how to run a tutorial. The course will be fully online, with regular networking activities. The eScout Academy is open to all students, regardless of their employment status. Students hired as tutors or Hiwis may enroll in this course to be trained as an eScout. In addition, non-employed students may enroll as an opportunity for professional development.