Scanner Exams

What are Scanner Exams?

Scan exams are exams that are created and evaluated with an exam software. The exams themselves are written on paper as usual and then scanned. The scans are used as the basis for further processing, from semi-automatic evaluation (multiple-choice questions can be corrected automatically, free-text questions still have to be corrected manually) to exam viewing and storage.


Why use scanner exams?

With scan exams you can 

  • depending on the selected software, make the entire process from development to storage of an exam more efficient (e.g. by room and participant management, by building up an exam question pool, partially automated evaluation of exam questions, automatic compilation of a final data overview with matriculation numbers, points and grades).
  • minimize the correction effort for exams as well as errors in the process (e.g. by automated summation of all points).
  • make exam results available to students more quickly.
  • better analyze and optimize the quality of questions and answers (e.g. with the help of the statistical key figures difficulty and discriminatory power, using the indication and bar chart representation for the frequency distribution of the selected answers per question).

What legal aspects need to be considered?

For written examinations with scanner exams, essentially the same legal conditions apply as for normal written examinations:

  • Restrictions on the use of multiple-choice questions (handout)
  • Students' right to inspect exams (handout)
  • Right to repeat examinations (handout)
  • Documentation of examination copies (extract from the law)