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Information Sources for Lecturers and Instructors

On the information page of the Technische Universität München you will find general background information on teaching in the winter semester 2020/21. Concrete information, handouts and templates on teaching can be found on the teaching portal  of the Technische Universität München and in the update ticker of the Center for Study and Teaching.

Online Teaching Instead of Presence Teaching

In view of the further spread of the coronavirus, there is an increasing number of enquiries from lecturers as to how they can conduct some or all of their upcoming courses online in the upcoming summer semester. On this page, we will make concrete suggestions and offer you various forms of support.

First, some basic information:

  • We distinguish between synchronous and asynchronous online teaching. In synchronous online teaching, teaching and learning take place jointly and simultaneously, for example in a live stream or live chat. In asynchronous online teaching, the teaching and learning processes are decoupled in time, for example in an instructional video or in a discussion forum.
  • Synchronous online teaching requires a very good Internet connection and software systems that scale well. We are currently increasing the server capacity of our own systems (especially Moodle), but most other systems are operated by external providers, on whose load management we have little or no influence.
  • In the medium term we recommend a predominantly asynchronous teaching strategy, supplemented by a few synchronous elements. We expect that by the beginning of the summer semester at the latest, many systems and networks will be overloaded and that purely synchronous online teaching will then be difficult to implement.
  • Teaching on screen is very different from classroom teaching. It is more strenuous for both lecturers and students, important non-verbal communication is reduced or eliminated altogether, the handling of technology requires more attention and new skills.
  • University didactics for virtual university teaching is demanding - and actually needs a lot of planning and preparation time. But we hope that the crisis situation will increase the willingness on all sides to make the best out of the situation with patience, creativity and personal responsibility. We will support you and your students technically and didactically to make your online teaching under those challenging cirumstances as good as possible.

We have already compiled synchronous teaching concepts for current courses in a handout for you. For the upcoming summer semester, we are currently in the process of combining sustainable synchronous and asynchronous teaching concepts.

Support offers

Support and advice in the conception of your online teaching:

Due to the many requests, we ask you to refrain from phone calls and instead contact with your questions; we will get back to you as soon as possible (please give us your phone number for callback).

As of now, an exchange forum is available to you, where you can ask your questions and discuss with us and with other lecturers. This exchange forum will be our workshop for the next weeks, where we will collect, discuss and clarify your and our open questions.

Arrange a consultation appointment with us. We are gladly there for you! Simply write to and briefly outline your request. We will then arrange a consultation appointment with you as soon as possible, by telephone or online. If you have small, quick questions, you can also reach us via our channel at (the university chat).

We will use the consolidated results from the exchange forum to further develop this website and our handouts. Feel free to check this page again and again to find new, improved versions of our handouts and new information material.


We offer you a series of online-seminars in which you can prepare yourself specifically for various aspects of online teaching. If you have any requests for further online-seminars, please feel free to post them in the forum..

Support for the production of teaching videos:

  • We have written a guide to help you create your own tutorial videos from home and upload them to Moodle.
  • We offer regular online-seminars on this topic; if you have specific questions or online-seminar-requests, please post them on the forum,
  • When the university buildings are accessible again, you can use the twelve empty recording lecture halls to record lectures on batch. Then you can also use the teaching video studios that we have set up in our Barerstraße.

In addition, we are currently in talks with external educational providers (e.g. EdX, Coursera, vhb) to enable you to include teaching videos from other universities or sources easily and free of charge.

In-depth assistance: produce your own instructional videos
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Support for the creation of online exams:
Unsupervised/unproctored online testing is already possible in Moodle. We are also in the process of setting up a service for online supervised exams ("online-proctored exams") from home. We hope that we will be able to overcome legal, technical and financial hurdles in the short term. Further information will follow. Further information on online exams.

Online training for student assistants:
If you have hired student assistants for courses in the summer semester and now fear that you will not be able to employ them due to the closure of the university, you can have these students trained online in our E-Scout-Academy, for example on the topics "Moderation of online tutorials", "Post-production of teaching videos", "Support of online forums", "Implementation of online teaching units". Further information about the E-Scout-Academy.