Mogan Ramesh

Consultant for Higher Education

Phone: +49-89-289-25442
Office: Barer Straße 21, 1st Floor, Room S1524
Mail: Arcisstraße 21, D-80333 München, Germany

Short Bio

Mogan Ramesh studied Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc.) and Philosophy of Science and Technology (M.A.) in Aachen, Pittsburgh and Munich. Working at ProLehre since 2018, he is the contact person for the TUM School of Management as well as TUM School of Governance. Mogan´s workshops revolve around the topics of student activation and rhetoric. In the past, he participated in Science Slam competitions and is exploring poetry slams as a new form of expression.


  • Provide advanced training for lecturers through workshops and online-seminars as well as individual advising and teaching observations
  • Advise lecturers in developing and implementing teaching strategies and courses
  • Promote a culture of excellent teaching in all TUM departments; determine field-specific needs of lecturers; design and implement courses in higher education teaching
  • Development and further development of digital and analog teaching and learning materials (electronic learning coach, online-seminars, videos, handouts) to promote learning skills