TUM School of Medicine

Our services for the teaching staff at the TUM School of Medicine

We advise teaching staff at the TUM School of Medicine in all aspects of teaching and learning – from lectures and seminars, to clinical and bedside teaching, to advising student theses:

  • Teaching certification: In our Higher Education Teaching Program, you can develop your competence in teaching and document your progress with certificates. Along with our variety of interdisciplinary courses in higher education teaching, we offer tailored courses in medical pedagogy in collaboration with the Medical Education Center.
  • Documentation of teaching competence and engagement: ProLehre is accredited to grant the Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education of the Bavarian Universities and the Bavarian Certificate for Medical Pedagogy, which allows you to document your development as a teacher in a way that bolsters your career. We will advise you on all requirements.
  • Individual advising in all aspects of teaching: Speak with us; we're eager to lend a hand! We can help you, for example, to develop and optimize teaching strategies, to design lectures and exams, to interpret teaching evaluations, and to document your commitment to teaching.
  • Constructive feedback on your teaching: If you wish, we can attend one of your classes and offer constructive feedback one-to-one afterward.
  • Support and consulting for teaching initiatives: Would you like to develop an innovative course, implement a novel teaching idea, design a new teaching project, or apply for a teaching prize? Your success in teaching is our goal. We advise and support you every way we can.

We are happy to tailor these services to your needs – feel free to call or email us!

Our program is embedded within the comprehensive Academic Staff Development Program of the Medical Education Center at the Univeresity Hospital rechts der Isar, directed by Prof. Dr. Pascal Berberat. We are also a part of the Kompetenznetz Medizinlehre Bayern and members of the German Association for Medical Education. For a select few seminars, you can earn continuing education points in line with §95d/§136b SGB V. 


Here you will find our free, practice-oriented handouts and brochures about good pedagogy, teaching competencies, and working with course evaluations.

Together with our colleages from the Medication Education Center, we are currently developing handouts specific to medical pedagogy. The handouts created thus far are available here.