Coursera and edX Response Programs to COVID-19


TUM has been at the forefront of the MOOC wave from its earliest use in Europe. Two partnerships were created with the largest platforms, Coursera and edX, which can be used to create fully online classes. While these platforms are known for hosting Massive, Open Online Courses (MOOCs), they can also be used to create Small, Private Online Courses (SPOCs).

Both Coursera and edX* have created programs to support higher educational institutions in response to the COVID-19 crisis. As a part of our partnerships, TUM instructors, employees and students can access courses created by participating institutions, which have been affected by the outbreak, details of which vary (see below). We are encouraging our TUM community to explore the courses on offer, not only for use in your classrooms, but as a place for your own professional development and inspiration for your educational program and working routine.

A note about privacy: Instructors, employees and students alike will need to create accounts with these platforms (using a TUM email address) and accept their terms and conditions. Both US-based platforms abide by European privacy laws.

* The edX initiative is not available anymore!

Accessing Coursera courses

What is this initiative?

Free catalog-wide Coursera for Campus Enterprise licenses to any university impacted by the corona-virus outbreak.

Where do I find courses?

At, nearly all course offerings are part of this initiative.

What are the next steps?

  • Contact with the number of access seats you would like for you, your teaching group and/or your students. Please also include your full name, TUM email address, matriculation number and name of enrolled program (only for students).
  • You will receive an invitation to join the program by email. Each member of the program has access to an unlimited number of courses.
  • Please note that if your students already have access to the program from a different TUM instructor, they will not need a new one.

What is the timeline?

This initiative will run until October 31st. Students enrolled by 31.10. will retain access to the course material and can complete the course through 31.12.2020.

Creating your own content

If you would like to create your own SPOC on edX or Coursera, first explore courses that TUM members have designed on both platforms (TUM on edX and TUM on Coursera), and get familiar with the format and the features and possibilities offered from both providers. If you have additional questions, please contact, or check our website,