Reaching for Teaching Competency – the TUM Competency Model

Quality teaching is essentially individual, subject specific, dependent on the target group, the infra-structure present, expectations, beliefs – and always depend-ent on your teaching personality. The TUM Competency Model is therefore an instrument to address this complexity. It allows each lecturer to position herself/himself within a given set of well-defined competencies with special regard to subject-specific aspects and particular wishes and needs as well as existent potentials for quality teaching.

Your individual Competency Profile 
You can monitor your teaching competency with our TUM Competency Model (see also guidelines for creating your teaching competency profile and Data sheet: Initializing and updating your teaching competency profile).
This will lead to your competency profile which will show you those competencies which you might wish to develop further; respective measures are constantly on offer at ProLehre.
Through regular updates of your competency profile you can monitor the development of your teaching competency.